Having as your hosts & surf guides the longest residing surfers in the region definitely has a few benefits. When we first arrived in 2005, we had no idea what really awaited us. Over the last 8 years we searched and searched, finding waves so amazing that it’s hard to explain. We surfed many different reefs, rocks and beaches, on many different tides, swell angles, winds etc…. Some were epic, some weren’t. But all these years of experimenting gave us a knowledge of the area and it’s intricacies that only time and experience can bring. Culminating in the incredible total of 18+ completely different, world class waves. 3 of them are located right on the doorstep of the Surfing Village, Pasti, Lobang and Nagadens. The other 12 waves are less than a 20 minute boat trip away. Only Jauh, Facas and Shhh are a little more than an hour away. And it doesn’t stop there!

There are a number of reefs with a lot of potential that we haven’t even had time to explore….

Maybe you will be the next to surf and name a virgin wave this year!


Fast and powerful right hander, 3 tube sections, with its ripabble days.
Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced


Barreling right hander. Short and thick. Indicates when Pasti will pump.
Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced


Big, heavy and suicidal right hander.
Level: Experienced – Kamikaze


Sinister left hander. FSH. Fast, Shallow and Hollow. Located on the opposite tip of Plankton Bay.
Level: Experienced – Kamikaze


Island in front of the Surfing Village. Ripabble left hander, long and powerful, with barreling sections. Holds waves as big as the ocean throws.
Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced – Big Rider


Long barreling left. On the right tide it is one connecting barrel all the way down the line. A mix of desert Point and G-Land.
Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced.


Long and shreddable right hander that works on any swell. Located behind Baga’s island.
Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced


Right and left barreling A- frame with Hawaiian weight and style.
Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced – Big Rider


Hair Raising Left. Fast and hollow. The area’s Teahupoo.
Level: Experienced – Kamikaze


Fantastically fun left with amazing back door barrels.
Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced


Peak wave opening long and easy walls to both sides inside a protected bay. Ideal spot to learn to surf.
Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Long Board


Right and Left breaking in the middle of the neighboring bay, in front of a small rock island.
Level: Intermediate – Experienced – Big Rider


Big and powerful right hander, the first of 3 rights on the coast of Tantras.
Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced – Big Rider


Fast, shallow and hollow right hander, less consistent, but the most challenging.
Level: Experienced – Tube Rider


Right hander with the first section barreling, then opening up to a ripabble wall with another barreling section toward the end.
Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced – Long Board


Long and ripabble left hander, with good barrel sections, set in a paradise bay, fast and hollow.
Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced


Very shallow, fast and hollow left, with amazing barrels. Only for the experienced surfer.
Level: Experienced – Tube Rider


Very heavy right hander that only works on big swells.
Level: Experienced