Surfing Village

What the Surfing Village is NOT:

  • It’s NOT a Surf Camp
  • It’s NOT a Resort
  • It’s NOT just for anyone

But then what da hell is the Surfing Village?


  • Surf without a crowd
  • One of the best right handers in Indonesia, and many more, rights, and lefts…..
  • Surf for all levels and styles
  • Cultural interaction
  • Rest and relaxation
  • Heart, soul and roots
  • Vertical drops, maximum acceleration, critical maneuvers, adrenaline, ecstasy and pain!
  • Explore the unexplored
  • The certainty of getting the best barrel of your life, or it getting you….


Surfing Village

The Surfing Village comprises of four spacious Bungalows, ample and fresh, refrigerated by the natural air conditioner of the sea breeze and the shade of the coconut jungle.

Fully designed and built BY surfers FOR surfers. Planned in a way that all the beds have a full view of the barrels of Pasti, Lobang and Nagadens, the lefts of Kiri and the swells that hit Bagas and Mibis. A view which can be appreciated even from the throne, even in your most “tense” moments.

Built with local wood and materials, the bungalows are two floors high. On the first floor is the board room, sheltered hang out area, outside deck and two private bedrooms with King size beds, that comfortably house two couples. Equipped with white cotton sheets, special mosquito nets, individual fans and bamboo blinds for extra privacy. The second floor is an open loft with a 360 degree view, housing one King size bed, with cotton sheets and special mosquito net situated beneath a large ceiling fan. All four bungalows have a private, western style outside toilet with a flush system and a separate bathroom with running tap water as well as a hot and cold water shower.

Head Quarters:

The Surfing Village headquarters is where our guests spend most of their “dry” time. With eco-friendly construction, using only local materials and labourers, it has three floors, plus the ground area. The ground area is home to our 9 x 9 foot billiard table, where we hold our very competitive pool championships.

The first floor is 14 x 14 meters. It is where early in the morning everyone meets to have their breakfast, check the swell forecast, the tide charts and find out which waves will be better in the days conditions. It’s also here where our guests drink their icy cold Bintangs after their surf, have a taste of some of our snacks, remembering the days waves, and talking about the barrels, while they wait for the famous banquets of our chef, Pai. Also on the first floor is our open plan kitchen, where the guests can monitor all the care of the chef and his crew, observing the hygiene and cleanliness used in the preparation of all the meals. The restaurant has a “farm” style table, where we have most of our meals, and a Japanese style table, where we have our sushi/sashimi meals and most of our parties.

There are also a few different common areas for socialization, reading, playing games, or just relaxing- including one of the most used and sought after areas in the SV- the hammock area, completely surrounded by our potent audio system, where the guest controls the music selection, connecting straight to their ipod, discman, walkman, laptop, LP, etc…

The second floor has 10 x 10 meter open space, for your yoga, stretching, relaxing, etc…. The third floor is our TV room. With a spectacular 360 degree view of the SV and the waves surrounding us it’s where we relax after lunch, watch a movie or a surf video, all the while keeping one eye on the pumping sets of Pasti and Naga’s. After dinner this is where we have the famous daily slide shows, screening all the photos of the day from our professional photographer. As well as a wide collection of movies and surf videos, we also have satellite TV with channels such as: CNN, HBO 1, 2 and 3, Cinemax, Discovery, National Geographic, ESPN, MTV, Fashion TV etc…


Bearing in mind our privileged location, on the corner of nowhere at the end of the world Avenue, where the closest market is 14 hours away, the package includes 3 daily meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, always very substantial menus to supply and recharge the energies, much needed for a good day of surfing.

With an extensive menu varying between local and western dishes, stretching from pizza to nasi goreng. All prepared by our international chef with the best quality produce and a high hygiene standard.

For the munchies, the restaurant also has an a la carte menu, that can be ordered at any time of the day.

And for the thirsty, you can’t go past the bar! Icy cold Bintangs, soft drinks and natural juices are available along with a selection of alcoholic beverages to celebrate that memorable surf session! (extra charges apply)

Services For your ultimate comfort and security the SV offers

  • Wi-Fi Internet avaiable in all areas, including all rooms (extra charges apply)
  • Laundry Service (extra charges apply)
  • Central safe, to keep all your money, credit cards, and documents etc well protected.
  • Free Diving gear (masks, snorkels, fins, spear guns)
  • Fishing equipment
  • Photos and Videos of your trip – (extra charges apply)

Other Activities

  • Billiard
  • Darts
  • Jungle treks
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Odds and evens championships
  • Treks through the local villages
  • Relax on the pool
  • Massage
  • Movies at the cinema
  • Piling coconuts on the hill
  • Board games: War, Chess, Backgamon, Cards…
  • Sleeping!!!!
  • Available soon:
  • SK8 Park
  • Wakeboard
  • Jet Ski