Get Here?
Usefull Information

When to come?

Whenever you want!

In Indonesia the season that the bigger swells arrive more constantly goes from April to September.

According to a research published on the American magazine ‘Surfer’, the probability of surfing on perfect conditions, on a 10 day period on the high season is 85% in Indonesia, while in Hawaii is approximately 70% and Australia little more than 60%.

Between the months of October and March, the swells arrive with less consistency and pressure. Ideal for begginers and for couples in search of something less hardcore.

But with all this global warming, El Niño, La Niña, El Tico, El Katso….. Neptune already lost his references.

How to get here?

The exit port to the Surfing Village is the city of Padang in Sumatra. Getting to Padang is really simple, there are 4 major international airports that connect to Padang:

Bali and Jakarta in Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Singapore.

All flights are approximately one hour and have a price tag on average of around US$50.00 each way. (With the exception of Bali which goes through Jakarta, an almost 2 hour flight and costs around an extra US$50.00).

Arriving in Padang a uniformed guide from the Surfing Village who speaks English (important detail, because in Padang, different from Bali and Jakarta, no one speaks English) will be waiting for you with an air conditioned car or bus, depending on arrival times and numbers.

As soon as our guests arrive in Padang, they are taken by our guide/translator to a hotel, where they can relax from their flight for a few hours, have a cold beer, eat, take a walk through Padang’s historical center or just kick back and watch some TV. (Personal costs in Padang not included in the package except for transport.)

The boat estimated time of departure from Padang is 18:00. Allowing guests on all flights sufficient time to arrive and prepare for the overnight crossing, arriving at the Surfing Village just in time for some breakfast barrels.

The Surfing Village made a deal with Padang’s biggest marine store and we will use the newly renovated boat Indo 2 especially for this crossing. The boat has a air-conditioned main cabin with 12 beds, and another small private cabin for couples, as well as an lounge and an open area for those guests wanting to enjoy all the splendor of a Sumatran night at sea, downing a cold beer and getting psychologically prepared for their arrival in Paradise!

The boat has a very experienced local crew, and is decked out with all the necessary safety equipment including; Radio, GPS, Satellite Phone, Life jackets, life raft, flares, floaties, bibles, etc…

What to bring?

If possible the whole quiver…..or only your best boards!!!

From the Fish to the Gun, going through the longboard, boogie board, retro twin fin, high performance thruster, bonzer, alaias, grandpa’s single fin… whatever! You will surely find a wave for it. For the regular surfer, with a reasonable level of surfing, average weight and height, that can only take, or only wants to take 3 boards, something like one 6’1, one 6’3 and one 6’6 would be adequate sizes.

Keep in mind that the waves in Indonesia have a long period and break over shallow coral reefs, this makes them much faster, requiring a board with more paddle rather than a board for a beach break.

Useful Information

Passport and Visa

To get into Indonesia your passport has to be at least 6 months from expiry date.
It is also necessary to have a ticket out of the country.

Indonesian visas for 30 days (including arrival and departure day) are given on the International arrivals in the Bali, Jakarta or Padang airports. Cost US$25.00.

For visas longer than 30 days, get in touch with the local Indonesian Embassy at least one month before.


The Surfing Village strongly advises all guests to have international health plan in case of serious accidents.

For the small and medium cases the Surfing Village has a small and basic hospital for all first aid, located less than 15 minutes from us.

The hospital even has medicine for the treatment of Malaria.


Changing money in Padang can be a real mission.

In Indonesia big notes (US$100) have more value than small ones (50, 20,10,5).

Another important detail is that old notes are NOT accepted. From 2000, inclusive, or older.
Also NOT accepted are notes with the series number starting with serial numbers A,B,C,D,E,F, or with any folding/pen marks. They have to be crispy new to avoid headaches.


To keep in touch with your family and make your friends really jealous from your last perfect surf session, we have mobile phone signal. You only need to have International Roaming, or you can also bring your unblocked Sim Card mobile phone and you can get your Indonesian mobile number here at the Surfing Village.

For even more comfort for our guests we have Wi-Fi internet access, which means you can check your emails from your own laptop lying on a hammock or even on your king size bed, always watching the barrels! (service paid separately, available from 5pm-12am or upon request from our guests it can be turned on at any time if necessary)

Making it Last…

The Surfing Village has a resident photographer and optionally a videomaker who will be available to all guest surfers on demand.

Guests have the option to buy a single photo, a sequence or have take home all the photos from the whole trip. From the arrival, visuals, all the crew chilling out and especially your best surf sessions.

A slide show session is held in our cinema, located above the restaurant, with all the pictures of the day. At the end of the trip a personalised DVD is created for you with all the photos you purchased.

Don’t Forget!

  • BOARDS!!!!!
  • Respect
  • Leg ropes for small, medium and big waves
  • Warm water wax
  • Wax comb
  • Fin Key
  • Extra Fins
  • Ding Repair
  • Kit Booties
  • Helmet
  • Piano
  • Rashies
  • Sunscreen 30 to 50
  • Medicines (cuts,rashes,burns,hemorroids…..)
  • Sunglasses
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Light long sleeves shirts and pants for the mornings and sunsets