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Surfing Village 2014!

SV is my new favorite place

Jack Freestone Jack Freestone

Jack Freestone

Best brazzos ever. Be back soon.

Tom Carey Tom Carey

Tom Carey

…This is Life! The rest is nothing but illusion, here the life system is the system of the evolved human…. I will remember you guys everyday of my life. Thank...

Danilo Grillo Danilo Grillo

Danilo Grillo

SV Thanks all you guys so much. This trip meant so much to me, it was a really fun trip, see you guys soon

Clay Marzo Clay Marzo

Clay Marzo

Epic trip with Epic waves

Yadil Nicol Yadil Nicol

Yadil Nicol

….everyone that has the opportunity of spending some time here, surfing dream waves on solitary line-ups, enjoy the sunset, drink a cold Bintang after that amazing session, exchange ideas….. They...

Junior Faria Junior Faria

Junior Faria

You really made me feel at home. This was my first time to a land camp in Indonesia and it was the best time I’ve ever had in Indo.

Dusty Payne Dusty Payne

Dusty Payne

Thank you so much for everything, coming here gave me some of my best memories

Andrew Doheny Andrew Doheny

Andrew Doheny

F#*&% awesome. Hope to be back soon!

Ian Gouveia Ian Gouveia

Ian Gouveia

The best surf camp I have ever experienced

Alex Gray Alex Gray

Alex Gray

There is a special vibe here. Can’t wait to come back

Conner Coffin Conner Coffin

Conner Coffin

WTF ?!?!?! What is this place? At the Surfing Village I felt home, 11 days were not enough, I can already taste my next trip here. My biggest joys were...

Fábio “FIA” Gouveia Fábio “FIA” Gouveia

Fábio “FIA” Gouveia

First of all, congratulations! For the place, for the beautiful “house” that you guys set up here. And for choosing a life that every surfer dreams of having, but that...

Rafael Mellin Rafael Mellin

Rafael Mellin

SV is the fucking BOMB. Everyone is super cool. Yeah boys hopefully I come back soon

Ezequiel Lau Ezequiel Lau

Ezequiel Lau

SV is going to be missed

Parker Coffin Parker Coffin

Parker Coffin

Pasti one of the best trips of my life! With barrels, big comfortable bed, hot water, total luxury… And the good vibes, goes without saying… Congratulations on the bravery and...

Bernardo Pigmeu Bernardo Pigmeu

Bernardo Pigmeu

I just want to say thanks for the amazing time

Dillon Perillo Dillon Perillo

Dillon Perillo





Stu at Bilakang

Stu at Bilakang



 It didn't take Sam long to figure out Tangu! Swell is arriving. Yeow! #sv #surf #surfing #wave #barrel
 Sergio was so stoked with his first trip he's staying on for another!! #sv #surf #surfing #wave
 @yadin_nicol scored a few perfect waves at Facas during his visit a couple of years back. #surf #surfing #wave #barrel #sv
 Wheels is taking a break from throwing F18's around as he comes off the bottom at Bagas. #surf #surfing #sv #wave
 First day of the season and the boys had a crack at Tantan!! #surf #surfing #wave #barrel #sv
 Chance arrived late last season and nailed it!! Second section #pasti #surf #surfing #wave #barrel #sv
 The boys frothing as lobang fires an empty barrel before they paddle through the channel. #surf #surfing #sv #barrel
 Mario getting slotted at #pasti #surf #sv #surfing #barrel